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NJ's artwork are original art pieces created in different mediums, but Noah Jones isn’t just a visual artist. He is also a filmmaker, author, animator that works to show different ways to tell stories and experiences.


Since I was a child the creative process has been a form of meditation. I like to take the time to visualize and plan out a new and original way that I can create the images I see in my mind. When creating these images I like to practice my skills in different mediums, such as clay, graphic design, photography, painting, or film. I make sure to capture my feelings and emotions leaving out any fears of expressing my true self. My goal is to transfer my thoughts to my work for others to observe and investigate in hopes to spark a new perspective.

NJ Artworks


ReBirth is a poetic montage created by Noah Jones to show creative vision of life's experiences.


Art Shirts are available. Customers can select the shirts that they would like to buy and can also get customized art shirts printed as well.NJ Art Shirt Store. The shirt artwork is all original pieces created by Noah Jones Artworks. Shirts for sale

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The Art of filmmaking

As a filmmaker Noah hopes to deliver films that provide a different experience and thought. In the film projects Noah likes to use different art and tech mediums to create diffeent perspectives in his storytelling.

NJ Films

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A little bit about NJ Artworks


NJ has been active in the visual arts since he was a young child. His first artworks consisted of making his comic books, short stories, and cartoons. As he got older he practiced using computers, scanners, flip books, and several other devices to create stories for his enjoyment. He later got into several art programs growing up and eventually attended college for graphic design and visual arts. He is a very tech-savvy and visual person and enjoys the learning more about the visual arts. NJ hopes to improve on his skills as a visual artist and to inspire others during the process.

Noah Jones Artworks

NJ Illustrations
Illustrating and sketching is a form of meditation for me. When I sit down to create a new picture, I make sure that I am focused and have a plan, or sometimes I just draw what comes to my mind.
My animations are usually short stories that come to me during random moments in my life. I love animation and it is one of the reason I begin my creative journey.

View my work on Behance and follow my creativity


My artwork is online on several platforms one of those awesome platforms is Behance.My website will always have my most recent artworks and digital media projects on my portfolio page.

My Recent Film Project

The latest short film “Love Alien” by Noah Jones


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Twitter: @nojoshirt