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Exhale and Let go!

Art is one of the best ways for me to release negativity and stress. When I am at work and I get a bit stressed I like to take time to sketch a quick drawing of animals, plants, people, or silly cartoons. When I am out I like to write short stories or poems. When I get home or go to the gym I like to jot random ideas down on paper in relation to my paintings, poetry, films, clay works, and computer technology studies.  Each one of these practices builds my skills and also assists me in completing several projects.  

Peace and Creativity

This year like every year has been a good year for learning and change. I like to make sure to accept each event that I experience as a lesson. I am not perfect and have times when I can retract to old or destructive ways. To help stay on track I make sure to keep a list of items around that help me elevate my positivity rather than my negativity. The first thing on that list is headphone and music player, this helps with tuning out and focus on the task at hand. A sketchbook, this helps with drawing and recording the beauty of the day and gives me time to exercise my imagination. A notebook, writing random thoughts helps me with recording ideas and plans to help me build plans for my art and work a well as keeping me in order. Running shoes or even better a gym bag because using your time to exercise helps brain functionality increase. I hope these items and activities help you to keep your creative mind at peace. 

Fear of Starting
Sometimes we don't want to begin because of the pressure felt when creating something of our own. When I start a new image for a painting, design, or illustration I make quite a bit of draft sketches before starting the art piece . I have come to use the process as a learning process to see how I can get better at creating new artworks. I take notes and learn from others on how to better my skills in art. 

Creativity First
I feel like creativity has no rules when you set out to use your imagination and create you are doing it to release your impulse to make something. If it comes out looking different or odd it should. I think many people feel that it should be like other art they have seen before, or look like art they like but that's way art and creating is so awesome. To be unique is the key to being an artist. 

Law of Attraction
The day is like a blank canvas. Each day you have a chance to use the laws of attraction to make your day great. I believe by having a list of affirmations and music that carries good vibes can assist you with making your day better. The most important part is to stay peaceful and positive mentally never letting anything get to you and disrupt you path. Another thing that can help is to sketch, doodle, or draw a picture that makes you happy or that represents your day in a positive way. 

Believing in yourself!
The only thing that you should concern yourself with is the goals you have set. Many of the things people chase and worry about just distract them from becoming greater than they are now. When I saw that I was focused more on others and not my goals I saw I would off tracked and lost in confusion. My mindset now is to keep a persistent, positive, peaceful mind focused on my goals and dreams. 

To walk in your creativity
The day is always better when you take the time to complete something creative. 
Writing in a journal, blog, poetry book, or whatever writing format you have available.
Taking a moment to sketch and draw helps with easing your mind. Going outside for a short or long time and capturing the day with your camera. Or even dancing while listening to music. Take the time to choose what helps you relieve stress. 

To Stand Alone
The way you are should never be a copy of the masses. You are unique and should always promote your views and styles. I have always felt staying true to my views and ways are first in my life. Also, when you let the crowd dictate your ways and lifestyle you become the road they walk on as well. 

Strengthen your spirit. 
Each day I create a reason or target to reach for yourself. Start a picture or sketch and aim to complete it by the end of the hour, day, or the week. Share it with others or to yourself. Just make sure to strengthen your skills and give yourself levels to want to reach as you continue the path as an artist and creative individual. 

Staying Motivated


Keeping myself motivated to create is all about seeing the end and the finish line for every project I start. It's also helpful, to begin with, a goal and vision of what I want to accomplish as an artist. Many times I get impulses to just sketch, paint, write, or take photos. I use that time to release stress and gather my thoughts so that I can use what's been created later in a planned and well-developed art piece. I find it that art helps people we might not know understand a different way of thinking and my goal is to help others understand my ideas and thoughts conveyed in my artwork.  

To Create

Whenever I get in front of a canvas, piece of paper, sketchbook, etc..., I begin to think of the things that stay in my head and the places I imagine when I daydream. I take out a pen or pencil and start sketching what images come out of my mind to the paper. I like to have some music playing or sometimes a good sci-fi movie or documentary. I also like being alone so that my focus is unbothered and my thoughts have a consistent flow. The time I use for creating is my form of meditation and relaxation. 

Thank you for viewing my blog and stay tuned for more. 
Noah Jones

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