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Independent films Florida filmmaker, film director, film enthusiast, scriptwriter.  

I would like to welcome you to my film reel. The films below have been screened in art festivals, art exhibits, and film festivals. The roles I have performed in the production of these films has been as a screenwriter, director, editor, and cinematographer. I use several media techniques to create my films and I hope to use unique storylines to express my thoughts. 

Excerpts from my films: 

Excerpt from Off the Clouds, A dreamer’s story

The dreamer is facing a beautiful giant woman, he talks to her while standing in the palm of her hand. As he speaks to her in a state of amazement she laughs and smiles in reaction to his words.

But, she suddenly changes from laughter to silence and drops him from her hand. He is shocked and yells at her while falling from the sky, he continues to fall. He hits the floor of his room, falling out of his bed. He wakes up, slowly gets off the floor and sits on the bed.

Excerpt from Off the Clouds, A dreamer’s story
He quickly runs to the subway station and waits to board the train. 

The Dreamer,
Ran outside, passes the corner store, 
Time is creeping up on me. 
Minutes to waste, I don't have anymore. 
But, I am sure, that I will be running around hoping for more. 


Next Film 
Lady in the painting. Fall 2020

Love Alien: Release date: Fall 2016. Sci-fi Arthouse Short film


Rebirth: Release date: 2014. Poetry Arthouse Short film

REBIRTH from NJ Artworks on Vimeo.

Off the Clouds: Release date Fall 2012. Short film Sci-fi Arthouse short film

A young man who is always working and busy all the time spends his time daydreaming about love, he one day gets the chance to experience a new love but hasn't got a real grip on reality and finds out that his dream date might be a nightmare.

 Off the clouds 1st trailer from Noah Jones films on Vimeo.

Additional edit for OFF THE CLOUDS ART FILM 

The Canvas: Release date Summer 2011. Urban Drama Short film

A young and confused man named Elijah is caught between the life he once lived running the streets and the new life he has started as an artist. He is motivated by an old friend and crush (Zahra), he begins to change his ways and chooses to help end the destructive actions of his old friends (Kevin and Steven). Little does he know the costs he must pay for his actions.

The Canvas teaser from Noah Jones films on Vimeo.

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